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Artist Statement

"When I approach a blank canvas, my vision is inspired by a rudimentary goal of bringing together a palette of rich, enticing elements based on pure natural colours often referenced in geological treasures…I call them ‘gifts from the earth’.  These gifts from the earth, supported with varying surface textures incite a dramatic emotional impact from each piece."


Specific palette development is drawn from these geological inspirations, such as the deep red shadow a garnet makes when light passes through, or the muted shades found in slate stone and how they diverge when the stone is wet or dry, or the fabulous green patina of oxidized copper.  The emotional impact heightens when bringing these colour and texture elements together, showcasing in an approach to either compliment or contrast each other, controlled through intensity.  For instance, the warm glow of a transparent object like honey coloured amber is soothing when captured in a smooth glaze, but the energy level elevates with a bold contrasting hit of turquoise.


The surface texture is also critical. Sometimes to capture the perfect glaze I will reduce the oil paint to such a transparent state only a hint of the original colour is left to build on. Layer after layer is applied to create a depth that cannot be achieved with a single bold sweep of the same colour.  A stronger, more pronounced impact is also employed in some works using palette knives or a trowel, and the same energy used to create the mark is left as a permanent memory on the canvas profile.


Abstract is not unpredictable to me, in fact I plan each layer of paint that is applied, with expectations that the first layer, even if partially or entirely covered over, will contribute in some small way to the final piece – it is there for a reason, with responsibilities.  Exposing the under painting by scraping away a topcoat revealing what's underneath is a technique that really excites the layering process. The natural characteristics of the paint also need to be respected, whether transparent or opaque they all have their own qualities that will impact the power or softness of what I am trying to achieve, and every visible detail on the surface of the final artwork.






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